Admission Process

Thank you for your interest in Amaranta kindergarten. We look forward to meeting you and your family and hope that this meeting will be the beginning of a fruitful journey together.

We invite you to get to know the Waldorf education and to learn more about our kindergarten. A visit with us gives you the opportunity to meet our staff, to visit our kindergarten and to familiarize yourself with the Waldorf education.

Please complete the application form or simply give us a call if you have further questions or would like to discuss your personal situation.

We suggest the following procedure for the admission of your child: 

  1. Completing and submitting the application for admission
    (A form of the application can be found on these pages)
  2. Appointment with simultaneous admission interview
    You will receive an invitation to visit the kindergarten and have the admission interview with the kindergarten teacher Nicole Gasser.
  3. Contract handover
    You will receive a contract that you can study at home and then sign.
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