Amaranta kindergarten finances itself by parent’s contributions to the Nextus association. If the payments do not cover the costs, the association will cover the costs out of its assets. However, a balanced budget is sought over the contributions of the parents.

The kindergarten amount per child per year is 13’320.- CHF:

The day care fees per child per year is
13’320.- CHF for 5 mornings
11’400.- CHF for 4 mornings
9’000.- CHF for 3 mornings

The Payment can be paid in monthly installments 
We invite you for a one month trial.

Additional fees will be charged for lunch and afternoon care.

Tariff (including lunch) per month and afternoon / single additional afternoons

12 to 14 o’clock  160.- CHF  /  50.- CHF   

12 to 16 o’clock  180.- CHF  /  70.- CHF

12 to 17 o’clock  200.- CHF  /  75.- CHF

12 to 18 o’clock  220.- CHF  /  80.- CHF

  • If there are several children in the same family, the parents will receive a 10% reduction from the second child on.
  • For children whose parents live in the canton of Zug, the canton pays the Amaranta kindergarten a yearly cantonal contribution. Half of this amount will be reimbursed to the parents in the form of a one-off payment.(currently 500 CHF)
  • We understand sometimes the family needs change, so Amaranta kindergarten asks that in case your child has to leave our kindergarten, that you will give us a three months notice

The Nextus Association is a nonprofit organization that offers families who are in need the opportunity for reduced contributions.

Please contact us!

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