Claudia Schmidt-Pfenningsdorf

I was born 3.3.1954 in Stuttgart. Here I have moved from the public high school to the upper Waldorf school in Stuttgart Hausmannstraße. For the first time I really liked to go to school. I left the Waldorf School after the 12th grade and began a curative education near Lake Constance. After completing my education, I took a class for three years at the curative educational therapeutics in Berlin. In the following twelve years, my five children were born and we have moved from Berlin to the Black Forest. At the new location I had built up a Waldorf playgroup for over three years, which has since grown into a Waldorf kindergarten. After that for several years I was exclusively a mother for my children.

It was not until 2001 when I started again working in Kindergarten activities on request. Here in the kindergarten Auenland I work now for 17 years.

Not only with my own children, but also in the many years of the kindergarten work I have learn a lot.


The little child has always been the greatest miracle to me; and also how the dreaming, rather indeterminate nature slowly delineates individuality. To be able to accompany this slow awakening, I still feel as a gift.

In kindergarten everyday life, my focus is on playing and puppetry, especially in singing together. It is important to me to perceive the individual child in his social environment and to gently promote his development.

Since my kindergarten activity here in Schopfheim in the summer of 2018 is completed, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to accompany the development of a kindergarten and pass on my experience.

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