Nicole Fränkel

Since learning my profession, which is also my vocation, I am accompanied by a quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

When children are small, give them roots. When they are big, give them wings.

I see it as my job to offer the small children’s souls, a place outside of their usual family comfort, which fills to them like an extension of their family. In this place, the children experience safety, security, respect and acceptance. The children experience me and the other caregivers as a secure basis in their everyday life that.  The role model effect, provides the children security in day-to-day nursery life in all aspects of life, which in turn brings them warmth, trust and acceptance.

I offer the children a place where they can arrive in their developing body and in life, and so can gain first experiences with their body through many activities in the game, in nature and with the elements. By the celebration of annual circle festivals I let them / we let them experience through mine / our model effect mother earth in all its beauty.

I offer the children to participate with the daily accomplishment of small work in the daycare and the Kindergarten’s everyday life, and to be able to help. Through this the children experience living together in a community characterized by loving care- a secure framework, in which every child has the freedom to try themselves and learn to make their decisions from the heart.

For me it is important in my work with the children and in the guidance of the staff, that the children being looked after may still be children.

With my work with the child and in my work for the children, I want to create a place where the child / children can build up basic trust and also experience this basic trust.

The same principles apply to me in cooperation with the parents of the children. It is important to me to bring the educational concept of the institution closer to the parents through a clear and qualified communication that comes from the heart. Furthermore to create a trusting environment for the parents so that they can hand over their most precious treasure, their child, in complete confidence in our facility for a few hours. I offer parents the opportunity to use my service as their conversation partner for: education issues, be it in relation to Kita or kindergarten, or when it comes to questions that has to do with the family care of the child.

All what I have just described I find in the concept of kindergarten Amaranta. I am glad and grateful to be a part of the team of the Kindergarten Amaranta.

A quote from Rudolf Steiner sums up the concept of the kindergarten Amaranta very well.

The child receives in awe, educated in love and released in freedom.

I find it as my job that all the children entrusted to us, when they take their next big step in their development, will go out as small independent people from our kindergarten. Children who can also sometimes dare say “no” and children who are up to the demands of the school.

“Man is free, insofar as he is able to follow himself at every moment of his life.” Rudolf Steiner

Sincerely yours
Nicole Fränkel

Nicole Fränkel
Kita manager


Education as an educator in Germany

Recognition as a FABE child in Switzerland

Leadership training

Parent – child bonding psychologist

Mentor in SAFE (Safe parenting) Parent program

Mentor in STEP Systemic training for parents



  • Diet and movement exercise in daycare
  • Language development and language promotion.
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