Anja Brdar Vukoja

I was born and raised in a small Croatian town called Livno, near the beautiful city of Split. My relocation to Switzerland happened in the beginning of 2018, where I wanted to be closer to my family. Since then I am enjoying every moment in my new community. In the free time I love hiking in the mountains and swimming in the lakes. I also love visiting castles :).

My interest and love towards the languages and learning itself started already in the gymnasium where I was mostly interested in the raw philosophy of communication skills that foreign languages provide. In the following years of my college where I studied to become a language teacher (English, Russian and Croatian) I discovered my real quest and passion for the very process of understanding how children learn.

Children make language-learning look easy and they take everything in through their senses, making connections between what they hear, see, smell, taste and touch and I find that process more than fascinating.

Later on I studied and was introduced to the various pedagogies where I fell in love with the Waldorf pedagogy and its key ideas in which everyone can find the beauty and goodness in education. -The soul development of children as the beginning of every learning in its pure form.

I was fortunate to be able to work with children from the beginning of my carrier as an au-pair, a language teacher at one of the well known International schools as well as in the various kindergarten programs.

Every single of these experiences has led me to become even more motivated and thoughtful child educator. I find myself reliable, engaged, caring and also able to recognize different needs.

I am very passionate about working in Amaranta kindergarten and find the kindergarten's philosophy much close to my own. I joined the team in September 2019.


My philosophy

It is most important to me that the children feel safe and understood in the Amaranta's environment.

In the kindergarten's daily life I also emphasize arts and imagination as well as favoring nature over technology.

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