Our mission

The child and the encounter are at the center of our mission.

The child – every human carries an extensive and invaluable treasure in him or herself. We want to do everything possible that this treasure, according to the child’s age, can be pronounce; We do not develop general educational standards, but rather a framework in which the child learns to carry out his own individual self-education.

We see the child as a developing being and his childhood as a significant and important time phase. We want to create a warm place where the child is allowed to be a child.

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Awakening the children in awe to their own individuality, and allowing them to develop their higher capacities of thinking, feeling and willing, is what we see as the basis for creating, through education, a true human world. We work this way at the source of a possible social change.

At the present time, it is difficult to predict what the requirements will be in the near future. The guiding principle of Amaranta Kindergarten is to develop the dispositions and the inner powers of the children in such a way, that a balanced basis is laid for everything the future can bring. Because we understand our task not only to continue the existing culture, but rather to form one.

“Do not limit your child to what you have learned, because he was born in another time.” – Hebrew proverb

The child should always be addressed in its entirety; and he should be able to live in free play, movement, working with the hands, rhythm and repetition as well as be bonded with nature. Peace and joy should always be able to surround the child and flow through the child.

The encounter – our pedagogical understanding of the encounter rests on the experience that every encounter the child has, is taken whole-heartedly by him. The trust, love and inner freedom of the adult is the space in which the child’s self-education is taking place.

It is very important for us that the way parents and educators interact with each other, as well as with their surrounding, will serve as a strong and positive role model for the children. For this, we have chosen nonviolent communication (by Marshall Rosenberg) as one of our cornerstones in which we want to work and practice together.

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Children have a deep experience in every social encounter; they can live the encounter with nature and with the environment around them in special intensity.

How do we manage to nurture the children’s faith in the goodness and beauty of the world, and convey to them a reverential attitude towards our natural environment? With this question we want to visit and maintain the encounter with nature on a daily basis, because the future will also depend on whether our children can develop a relationship with nature, which can be characterized by solidarity, trust and responsibility.

The education of Amaranta kindergarten therefore focuses on creating a space, on a daily basis, in which the open and pure sensory experience of the child can take place in the natural and social world.

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